The Roland-Garros Set podcast gets the skinny from a fifth seed fresh from his Geneva triumph.

Practically the moment Alexander Zverev arrived on site in Paris, he had a chat with The Roland-Garros Set podcast. Here’s what we learned:

He’s feeling good…

…and no wonder, after winning his first title of 2019 last Saturday on the Geneva clay. “Great coming into Roland-Garros with a title on my back, and a lot of confidence too. I’m happy to get going here and really looking forward to playing,” he said.

Paris in May: time for work, not play

“What’s my favourite thing to do in Paris? Well, when we come here it’s all business,” the German explained. “We’re at the courts, we try to win matches, be in shape and play well. I have seen a lot of the city but never really a thing that I do outside the tennis courts here.”

Lovik is here – of course

Lovik? That’s his beloved grey poodle, soon to be joined by the puppy adopted by Zverev on a visit to a Miami animal shelter two months ago. Lovik has his own Facebook page and Instagram account. “Lovik is a cool dog who goes everywhere with me. He’s the perfect travel dog.”

Zverev is single!

The 22-year-old gave some more detail: “Yes, I am. Am I looking? Sure! But I don’t do pick-up lines. Saying ‘I’m Alexander Zverev’ doesn’t work.”

Marcelo Melo knows nothing

How would Zverev respond to the statement that world doubles No.4 Marcelo Melo taught Zverev everything he knows about singles, doubles and life? (Clue: Melo and Zverev are big mates.)Play Video

“He has never won a singles match in his life – you can actually Google that. He’s a 35-year-old man who’s still single and doesn’t have a girlfriend. His best friend is a 22-year-old who does everything for him – organises all his hotel rooms and trips. That answers it. He’s beaten me a few times in doubles but that’s it.

“Actually, he’s very shy and he cannot talk to ladies. This is a true story. He gets very nervous around them. Me? I can talk, I guess. I have no issues.”

Zverev’s favourite opponent is:

“I don’t know… who have I never lost to?”

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